Salesforce Consulting


Salesforce provides enterprise cloud computing solutions, with a focus on customer relationship management (CRM) to various government agencies, businesses and industries worldwide. Led by “Flow Master” and Salesforce MVP Mark Ross, Clarus Group’s Salesforce practice helps companies and agencies integrate, optimize and sustain their Salesforce instance to fully reap the benefits of the world’s #1 CRM.  We leverage Flow, Process Builder, Six Sigma and integration of selected AppExchange apps.  Clarus Group targets helping organizations install, customize and govern their Salesforce instances for core enterprise cloud computing applications and platform services.

Business Process Reviews

Clarus Group works with our clients to review processes and provides an enterprise-level view of your company’s strengths and weaknesses. We aim to deliver potential solutions to streamline operations and enhance business performance and our reviews will contain:

  • Business process summary and scope review
  • Current system findings and discoveries
  • BPR recommendations and solution roadmap
  • Deployment plan and cost-benefit analysis

Data Quality Assessments

Companies rely on high quality data to run efficiently, improve sales and communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders. Clarus Group reviews and analyzes the validity of your existing data with in Salesforce. Our Data Quality Assessment will focus on:

  • A comprehensive review of your existing data
  • A complete analysis and data quality report
  • Lead and contact scenarios for master record identification
  • Exact proportion of bad data to overall data
  • Data quality control solutions to cleanse and maintain health of data

Salesforce Customization

The use of CRM applications often changes and develops over time. Usage may evolve inefficiently without proper standards in place for architecture, governance, process automation, and data management. Clarus Group has vast expertise in customizing and redesigning CRM applications. We tailor a core set of proven methodologies to improve user experience, streamline process, and reduce administrative burden.


CRM Migration

There are many risks involved in migrating or consolidating CRM platforms. Best practices in data management and process integration are crucial. If you’re organization is leveraging multiple CRM systems across sales, marketing and service teams, we can help you build a centralized platform. Our team works with you to break down silos, enhance reporting capabilities, and inspire collaboration.

Salesforce Support

Clarus Group offers a variety of support options based on your specific needs, including remote administrator capabilities for customers who need help rectifying a one-time or occasional issue. This option allows you to keep maintenance and service fees low while guaranteeing operational issues are fixed immediately. We offer expert:

  • Remote Administrator Support (RAS) and Remote End-User Support (RES)
  • Administrator Support focused on strategy, data quality, change management, development and project management for initiatives.
  • End User Support focused on corporate adoption, end user support for issues resultion, and team collaboration.

CRM/Salesforce Implementation

CRM applications arrive without the configuration to meet the needs of your industry, team, and processes. If you’re just getting started with a new platform, our team can help you define scope, design the solution, build it to spec, deploy the application, import data, and improve processes as the system is adopted.

Successful implementations require a great deal of planning, commitment, follow-through and strong support from your company’s leadership.  Clarus Group is committed to enhancing your organization’s CRM effectiveness by offering a full array of implementation solutions including:

Flow integration

For companies is essential for companies to move from manual to automated processes, increase adoption by showing automation benefits and integration of flow into the sales experience by leveraging customization experiences without writing complex sales apex language code.  Clarus Group specializes in flow integration for businesses big and small.

Sales Cloud

Enables companies to store data, monitor leads and progress, forecast opportunities, gain insights through relationship intelligence, and collaborate around sales on desktop and mobile devices. Clarus Group can help you implement and optimize Sales Cloud to help you close more deals, accelerate productivity, make insightful decisions, and get more sales.

Government CRM solutions

Government CRM solutions help agencies build stronger connections between citizens, employees, governments, services, and the information they all need. That makes government more responsive, effective, and above all, efficient. Clarus Group has experience across Federal, Department of Defense, State and City.

Service Cloud

Enables companies to deliver personalized customer service and support, as well as connects their service agents with customers on various devices.

Marketing Cloud

Enables companies to plan, personalize, and optimize customer interactions. Marketing Cloud allows you to provide unique targeted experiences across email, mobile, social, advertising and the Web.  Build and manage marketing campaigns that scale with the growth of your business and drive customer engagement.

Analytics Cloud

Allows companies to deploy sales, service, marketing, and custom analytics applications using various data source.

Internet of Things Cloud

Enables customers to process data, as well as build personalized actions and engage with customers in real time.

App Cloud/AppExchange

App Cloud is the application development platform for companies to deliver connected applications for various business needs.

Agile Implementation Methodology

Our implementation methodology is designed to enable a successful deployment of A typical full blown implementation lifecycle includes the following phases:

  • Phase I: Launch
  • Phase II: Discover
  • Phase III: Configuration
  • Phase IV: Data Quality
  • Phase V: Test
  • Phase VI: Transition
  • Phase VII: Close

By customizing your implementation solution to match your unique business needs, Clarus Group enables your organization to benefit from enhanced effectiveness and greater ROI for your investment.