The Case for Enterprise Architecture

Why does Clarus Group place such emphasis on Enterprise Architecture?

We believe that no organization should enter into any kind of building or development endeavor without a clear picture of the result.

Why does Clarus Group believe that Business Architecture is the foundation for Enterprise Architecture?

Information technologies, no matter how advanced, are only important if they result in business efficiency, reduced cost of operations, and increased profitability.  Understanding and improving the processes of business, as well as the compliance and governance issues surrounding them, drives requirements for Information Technology solutions with measurable and quantifiable results.

Why does Clarus Group promote the disciplines of the Canonical Model and Service-Oriented Architecture? 

Investing in the best of breed information technologies does not necessarily guarantee that the advantages sought by these technologies will be realized.  Organized and disciplined implementations of information, service, and application investments transform technology into business assets.

Why does Clarus Group consider enterprise data warehousing and business analytics a key part of an Enterprise Architecture?

Today’s organizations receive information from a variety of sources that require integration toward a common understanding.  Without a defined change management strategy, business operations can be comprised by the swell of information accumulation.  Analytics and reporting requirements must be clearly understood and have the capability to measure business performance.  It must also meet compliance, quality, and governance standards, as well as support executive strategic planning.