PMO whitepaper from PMI

Project Management Office In Sync with Strategy – whitepaper 

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The project management office (PMO) is easing its way into the mainstream. Yet to be truly effective, PMOs must reflect the organizational culture and strategy—or risk being dismissed as an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy. Companies that have made the leap are reaping benefits. Organizations with a PMO report significantly more projects coming in on time, on budget and meeting intended goals and business intent compared to those without a PMO.

As the number of PMOs increase, so do expectations. No longer is it enough to simply lead governance or monitor methodology. Instead, PMOs must provide tangible, repeatable, long-term benefits. To do so, they must be customized from the start to align with organizational strategy and be prepared to change as corporate strategy shifts.

Furthermore, it is not enough for PMOs to produce results. They must also communicate those results throughout their organization to earn executive support and overcome skepticism. Only by doing so will PMOs be viewed as offering a competitive edge.