Business Process Management

How do today’s decision makers know if they are getting the best performance for the organization’s investments in business operation, personnel, and technology? The answer, in most cases, is they don’t. Many businesses are now investing in business process modeling and analysis toward maturing and advancing their product or service delivery through more efficient and effective use of these various investments. Modeling business processes into multiple layers of decomposition promotes a top to bottom understanding of operations for both streamlining operations and introducing matured or new customer offerings. Clarus Group consultants have successfully helped both government and private industry organizations establish and develop business process modeling that yields results analysis toward more efficient and cost effective operations.

Business Process Analysis: Separating the “What’s” from the “How’s” of Business

The business organizations that invest in Business Process Analysis and Modeling have a vehicle which promotes understanding as to how lines of business are conducted, a foundation for reengineering more competent business operations, and requirements for technological competitive advantages. Clarus Group can help you establish the Business Process Analysis discipline through:

Business Process Integration: Integration of Business Process with Business Information

A complete Business Model shows the integration of Business Process with Business Information. A well-defined Business Model helps to better understand, validate and improve business operations. Clients of Clarus Group have realized enhanced efficiencies between business operations and the in- formation required for support through:

Business Process Modeling: Process Decomposition Modeling

Business Process Modeling is an activity for documenting the current activities of the business in an easy to understand and validate graphical format. The goal is to analyze and improve the enterprise processes in order to achieve organizational efficiency, resulting in reductions in operations cycle time, decreased time to market, and lower business operational expenditures. Clarus Group can provide the expertise to analyze and model your Business Processes for your next Business Process re-engineering initiative.