Our Leadership Team

Sean Crews - Principal

Sean Crews


Sean began his career by serving 6 years in the Navy as a Lieutenant in the P-3 community based in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1995, he transitioned out of the military and returned home to the Midwest. Sean and Brian share a common vision for Clarus Group to create long-lasting value and relationships for both business partners and employees.

Brian Crews - CEO

Brian Crews


Brian started Clarus Group (formerly Apex Government Solutions/ Apex Solutions Group) in 2005, but has been in the IT consulting industry since 1995. His goal was to create a unique consulting company that truly partners with their clients to achieve a common goal and develop long-lasting relationships.

bcrews@clarusgp.com | 913.599.5255
Scott Baughman - CSO

Scott Baughman


Scott Baughman began his IT consulting journey during the run up to Y2K and has been riding the waves of technological evolution ever since. He has held senior leadership positions for large IT consulting and staffing firms for over 10 years, and spent several years evangelizing e-commerce and digital marketing to the hotel and tourism industry throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

sbaughman@clarusgp.com | 913.599.5255
Mike Walzl - COO

Mike Walzl


Mike Walzl has over twenty years of experience in the staffing and consulting industry, beginning his career as a recruiter. His areas of focus throughout his career have been: Technology, Accounting and Finance. As COO, Mike is responsible for corporate strategy, development and overall growth of Clarus Group.

mwalzl@clarusgp.com | 913.599.5255
Brian Dryer - VP Solutions

Brian Dryer

VP Solutions

Brian has over 15 years of experience selling a variety of Enterprise Solutions throughout most of North America. Having been both a successful individual contributor and a leader of successful sales teams, he has a clear understanding of how to partner with organizations to craft the appropriate solutions that deliver the most value.

bdryer@clarusgp.com | 913.599.5255
John McDermott - Director of Business Architecture and Client Engagement

John McDermott

Director of Business Architecture and Client Engagement

John served with distinction in the U.S. Air Force and has over 17 years of proven performance supporting the full range of management consulting. John is entrusted for managing client relationships, project execution and delivery.

jmcdermott@clarusgp.com | 913.599.5255
Mark Ross - Salesforce Practice Director

Mark Ross

Salesforce Practice Director

Mark started working with Salesforce in 2010, and has been a Salesforce MVP since 2014. He works with Salesforce product managers and staff to improve Salesforce for companies and users alike.

mross@clarusgp.com | 913.599.5255
Nikki Smith - Director of HR and Operations

Nikki Smith

Director of HR and Operations

Nikki Smith has worked in the IT staffing and consulting industry since 2000 when she began her career in operations and has since moved into Human Resources. Her passion is in making Clarus Group a great place to work for all employees.

nsmith@clarusgp.com | 913.599.5255
Carmen Nowell - Corporate Controller

Carmen Nowell

Corporate Controller

Carmen, who joined Clarus Group in 2014, is responsible for ensuring Clarus Group has the systems and procedures in place to support efficient daily operations. It is her goal to recognize, anticipate, and resolve matters on a pro-active basis to ensure Clarus Group’s success.

cnowell@clarusgp.com | 913.599.5255