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Clarus Group is a veteran-owned small business headquartered in Overland Park, KS that provides technology consulting services to the public and private sectors. Established in 2000, Clarus Group’s executive team has approximately 15 years of experience supporting various clients (public and private sector) within the United States, across a broad spectrum of technical areas such as: Enterprise/Application Architecture, Database Architecture and Administration, Business Process Management, Application Development, Business Intelligence, ERP, IT Security, Application Testing, and Infrastructure. In Finance & Accounting, areas of support include: Governance, Risk, Compliance, and IT Audits. Clarus Group works closely with organizations to identify and craft solutions for today’s business information management challenges using industry best practices. Clarus Group takes active partnership with business organizations in the implementation of these solutions so that they can be successfully adopted and incorporated into the business infrastructure and framework. We stand for Quality, Value, and Integrity. Key Leadership at Clarus Group – See the full leadership team here >>

Sean Crews - Principal

Sean Crews


Sean began his career by serving 6 years in the Navy as a Lieutenant in the P-3 community based in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1995, he transitioned out of the military and returned home to the Midwest. Sean and Brian share a common vision for Clarus Group to create long-lasting value and relationships for both business partners and employees.

Brian Crews - CEO

Brian Crews


Brian started Clarus Group (formerly Apex Government Solutions/ Apex Solutions Group) in 2005, but has been in the IT consulting industry since 1995. His goal was to create a unique consulting company that truly partners with their clients to achieve a common goal and develop long-lasting relationships.

bcrews@clarusgp.com | 913.599.5255