Clarus Group delivers business-driven solutions supported by enterprise architecture foundations. We offer improved business performance through Lean Six Sigma facilitation, well-defined enterprise architectures, solutions implementation and the ability to measure business performance using best practice business intelligence development.

Scaling Agile

Sep 30, 2015

Agile is a software development methodology that helps teams respond to unpredictability through small, continuous, and controllable business experiments. As

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Partner Announcement - MEGA

Sep 16, 2015

MEGA Introduces Three New Business Partners | Business Wire September 08, 2015 09:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time MEGA International today

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Lean Six Sigma

Sep 15, 2015

At Clarus Group we specialize in Lean Six Sigma process to guide our efforts. Originally developed to improve manufacturing efficiency

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    Business ArchitectureToday’s organizations are looking for increased productivity and efficiency of operations while providing enhanced quality of product and/or service. Many of these organizations are starting to invest in a thorough understanding of their business which can be leveraged toward maturing the organization into that future state. Learn More >>

    Service ArchitectureImplementation of the pure Service Oriented Architecture is rarely found in most existing Information Technology organizations. Some hybrid state exists where services are delivered but not always in a reusable or disciplined state which mirror the operational processes of the business. Using levels of process decomposition which range from business to system helps sort out reusable services and the applications which exercise them. Learn More >>

    Data ArchitectureThe past metrics of an organization’s data assets used to be expressed in gigabytes and terabytes. Now new terms are being created to define the accumulation organizations have in business data. Today’s business requires a through a thorough, robust, top to bottom Enterprise Data Architecture using the principles of the Canonical Model. Learn More >>

    Biz IntellBusiness intelligence can become intelligent business if you can create an architecture working in concert with the enterprise business and data architectures.  This foundational step should be followed by data migration, integration development and reporting/analytical information implementations to make you company an intelligent business. Learn More >>

    Risk and ComplianceOrganizations are looking for more than just compliance in performance and reporting. They look to adopt compliance and risk management into organizational operating procedures, information design, and leadership strategic planning. Learn More >>

    Professional ServicesClarus Group offers a wide array of professional services across the public and private sector and targeted through several different industries.  We are a true System Integrator and partner with our clients to identify the best solutions and executing on them to accomplish their mission. Learn More >>